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Getting the right Helper

Hiring a helper can be a daunting process especially when you are inviting a total stranger to live with you and your family!

Let Helpers Inc. assist you in interviewing and selecting the right helper for the care that your loved ones deserve.

Helper Insurance

It is mandated by MOM to purchase maid insurance for your helper. We work with the best insurers to ensure your helper is adequately covered in unforeseen circumstances.

Renewal of Work Permit

Congratulations! Your helper has completed her 2 years contract and both of you are keen to renew the engagement.

Let us assist you with the paperwork. 

Airport Transportation

Do you need assistance to send your helper to the airport? We can ensure that your helper is safely escorted to the airport and through the customs.

Infant Care Training Courses

Ensure your helper is well-equipped with the right skills to handle your precious newborn baby. We work closely with several accredited hospitals and training centres in Singapore to provide these infant care training courses.

Caregivers Training Courses

Movement and mobility. Medication management. Handling of general emergencies. Ensure your helper is aware of these fundamental skills in order to provide the best care for your elderly parents. 

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